The following is important warranty information regarding JAC Metal Fabrication products and services.

3 Year Warranty

JAC Metal Fabrication (JAC) warrants that their Steel and Aluminium Tray Bodies and manufactured accessory products are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship causing structural failure under normal working conditions for 3 years from the date of supply.

Due to the nature of timber, no warranty is offered against warping, swelling and/or splitting. JAC recommends, and it is the customers responsibility to ensure timber floors are regularly coated with Linseed Oil every 6 months.

Painting and Powdercoating is of a normal commercial standard. Our 2PAC paint is colour coded and minor colour variations may occur. All paint work is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of manufacture and does not cover normal wear and tear, including, but not limited to discolouration, stone chips, chemicals or sealants, salt spray, industrial fallout, animal droppings, improper use of cleaning products, general aging or misuse.

Warranty on any items, accessories and/or electrical items, not manufactured by JAC is limited to whatever is given or implied by the original manufacturer.

Warranty Exclusions

The warranty DOES NOT cover:-

  • Any damage caused by misuse, overloading, neglect or mistreatment.
  • Normal wear & tear including, but not limited to stone chips, chemicals or sealants, salt spray, industrial fallout, other environmental conditions, animal droppings, improper use of cleaning products and general aging.
  • Rust caused by external chipping, cracking or other damage to the finished painted surface.
  • Staining or chafing of the tray surfaces caused by the fitment of a Tonneau Cover or Rubber Tray Mat. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure these accessories are removed allowing the tray to dry after wet weather or cleaning.
  • Warranty will be void if any repairs and/or modifications are made by anyone other than JAC Metal Fabrication.

Terms & Conditions


  • You must not exceed the recommended gross vehicle carrying capacity as per your vehicle manufacturers recommendations.
  • You must not modify, alter or change any component of the tray body or fitted accessories.
  • You must promptly advise JAC or your Dealer of any apparent defect. The goods are to be returned to our workshop, at the customers expense, for assessment of the claim.

This warranty is given in addition to the implied warranty given under the Competition and Consumer Act.

Other Terms, Conditions & General Information

A 20% deposit or Dealers written Purchase Order (Approved Dealers only) is required on placement of your order with the balance to be paid before the goods leave the workshop.

Payment Options – Cash, EFTPOS/Credit Card (Transaction Fees apply), Internet Banking (must be completed 24 hours prior to pick up)

All deposits and part payments are non-refundable once the manufacturing of your order has commenced.

All prices quoted are for our standard design and gauge materials unless otherwise specified.

Modifications to our standard design or finished products and/or additional time is required for fitting of tray to accommodate after-market accessories such as (but not limited to) tyres, exhaust, fuel tanks and side steps will incur additional charges.

Any additions, changes and/or modifications requested prior, during or after fabrication will incur additional charges to be paid before the goods leave the workshop.

All lead times quoted are approximate and subject to change without notice. Please enquire as to current lead times at the placement of your order.

Your vehicles reverse camera, rear parking sensors and rear cross traffic alert radar sensors are fitted as a complimentary service. As these items are relocated to a non-factory position, they may not operate as designed. Vehicles fitted with Rear Cross Traffic Alert Radar sensors may need to be returned to your dealer for recalibration at your expense. JAC provides no warranty with respect to the reverse camera, rear parking sensors and rear cross traffic alert radar sensors.

JAC uses only fully qualified auto electricians to work on your vehicle.

  • Vehicles entering our premises do so at the sole risk and responsibility of the owner. JAC Metal Fabrication does not accept responsibility or liability for any injury or damage caused by, or to, your vehicle whilst on our premises.
  • Risk of all goods manufactured and/or supplied by JAC Metal Fabrication shall pass to the Buyer at the point of delivery if by JAC Metal Fabrication, or ex-factory if any other freight method is utilised. Ownership of the goods, does not pass to the Buyer until payment in full has been received by us.
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